Lowongan Kerja PT Virama Karya Juli 2011



Sejak Tahun 2014, Ujian CPNS dilaksanakan secara online dengan sistem Computer Assisted Test (CAT).

Apakah Anda sudah mengenal ujian dengan sistem CAT..?

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PT Virama Karya at firstĀ  is a Private Building Companies named Holland NV Ingenieurs Architecten Bureau Fermont Cuypers. The government nationalized the company later became Company RI State (PN) Virama Karya. Consolidation is strengthened by grounding Government Regulation no. 56 in 1961, and P.N. Virama Karya auxiliaries placed under the Department of Public Works and Electric Power.

By Government Regulation no. 38 of 1970 on the transfer forms from the State Company (PN) PT Virama Karya into liability company (Persero), further solidified the intent and purpose as a corporation which is then contained in the Articles of Association with the Deed of Incorporation Limited Liability Company (PT) Virama Karya on March 15, 1972 before Notary Djojo Mulyadi SH, Certificate No.. 60, dated March 15, 1972.

At the time of its establishment in 1972 the authorized capital of Persero PT Virama Karya set at Rp 45,000,000, – (forty five million rupiahs). After several times, most recently: With Notary Ny. Yetty SH Taher, No. 10 On August 27, 2008 the Company’s authorized capital is set at Rp 40 billion, – (forty billion dollars) while the paid-up capital is set to Rp 10 billion, – (ten billion rupiahs).

Job Opportunity….

Operator GIS and Remote Sensing


  • D3/S1 GIS & PJ / Geography
  • Having the ability to operate GIS & RS Software (Arc GIS, Arc View, Map Info, Er Mapper, Envi, Global Mapper, Map Souch,)
  • Mastering GPS survey equipment total station, theodolite, spirit level etc.
  • Have a high analysis
  • Can working with Team
  • Ready to Work Full-time
  • Placement in Jakarta


For those interested candidates please send resume (CV, Resume, photographs, copies of transcripts of diplomas, and certificates) send to:

[email protected]
cc to : [email protected]