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After success with program “Scholarship BCA Finance 2010” that has been given to totalize 38 students for the price of totalize Rp 420.000.000,- (four hundred twenty rupiahs), then this year for the things third kalinya BCA Finance returns raise program “BCA FINANCE SCHOLARSHIP 2011”. Scholarship will be given to 40 student people can economically.

Totalize Beasiswa that will be given by BCA Finance is for the price of Rp 567.000.000,- (five hundred six tenth seven million rupiahs). Scholarship is given since expressed as [the] grantee till maximal up to semester 8.

As for requirement that must fulfilled by applicant student is sbb. :

  1. Student/i Program Strata 1 (S1)
  2. Minimize already or is finishing semester 2
  3. Content Formulir Beasiswa (form are enclosed or download in and put down this form stuffing in topmost sequence from all bundles)
  4. Enclose Transkrip Nilai semester last with IPK min. PTN : 3,00 and min. PTS : 3,40
  5. Enclose Bank statement Unable to from in charge Institusi from area according to KTP student
  6. Enclose Student card photocopy and KTP
  7. No is accepting scholarship on one’s part any
  8. Mention Nama University and Fakultas/Program Study in left angle;corner envelope to the
  9. Bundle that ineligibility will not be processed

Our slowest requirement Bundle accepts date 14 Octobers 2011 (Postmark) that delivered to :

PT. BCA Finance
Up. Corporate Planning
Wisma BCA Pondok Indah Lt. 8
Street of Metro Pondok Indah No. 10
Jakarta 12310

Grantee Name list will we announced on 10 Novembers 2011 pass by Website BCA Finance :

Some grantees are selected will be invited to head office BCA Finance in Jakarta during a couple of days to follow agenda “Meet & Greet” have the shape of audience with Manajemen BCAF and tour de office. Transportation Expense and accomodation are fully accounted by BCA Finance.

Decision of grantee result is absolute and undisturbable sue. Final screening process are executed by selection team BCA Finance.

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