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Sejak Tahun 2014, Ujian CPNS dilaksanakan secara online dengan sistem Computer Assisted Test (CAT).

Apakah Anda sudah mengenal ujian dengan sistem CAT..?

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Established in May 24, 1996 as part of government strategy to build national capability in nuclear industry,  PT. BATAN TEKNOLOGI (PERSERO) become the only national company endow with capabilities for producing a wide range of nuclear products, as well as, providing services in nuclear technology application.

Combining this capacity with a strong support from BATAN, the Company has been successfully serving national demand for nuclear products and services for both medical and industrial uses, as well as for R & D purposes.

As a consequences of choosing nuclear industry as the main area of business PT. BATAN TEKNOLOGI (PERSERO) has the responsibility to implement all applied nuclear regulation and procedures to meet a stringent requirement to nuclear safety. Together with certified quality procedures practiced at all level, Company operation, they give a guarantee of safe, reliable quality products and services to the customers.

Consistent with its vision to become a prominent national company in nuclear industry in Asia, a  strategic policy focusing on a basic competency has been dictating the Company business approaches in the long run. We are confident with this policy, the Company could become a special company representing the country in nuclear business in Asia.

The facility built in 1987, produce a Plate Type U3O8-Al, U3Si2­Al dispersed Fuel Element, and Reactor Control Elements from enriched Uranium-235 up to 20%.

The facility  is equipped with a Conversion Unit, Fabricant Unit, and a Scrap recovery unit with high quality welding, milling, lathe, cold & hot rolling, roll swaging, pickling, and polishing equipments.

The fuel, either in the form of U3O8 or UxSiy is produced by converting the feed materials of UF6 or UNH, while the intermediates can be AUC U3O8, UO2, U-Metal, Cores, Sandwiches and Plates into Fuel Powders. The fuel powder is then mixed with aluminum matrix and pressed them into a billet to form a fuel core.

Supported by the qualified personals, and adopting a stringent quality assurance and quality control programs, this facility has been successfully producing 5076 U3O8-Al and 3152 U3Si2-Al  dispersed  fuel  element,  and  supplied  210 U3O8-Al and 117 U3Si2-Al fuel elements for the operation of BATAN’s Multipurpose Research Reactor RSG-GAS. Multipurpose Reactor RSG-GAS is equipped with Fuel Failure Detection (FFD) system to monitor radionuclide release from leak Fuel Elements in the primary coolant during reactor operation. The system consists of 2 delayed neutron monitors with 3 He counters that acquired delayed neutron emitted from isotope of Br-87, Br-88, and I-137 of the leakage fuel. No single fuel failure ever been reported during more than 9 years operation using fuel element produced by PT. BATAN TEKNOLOGI (PERSERO).

The current production capacity is 70 fuel elements and control elements per year with an upgradeable option up to more than 200 fuel elements per year. With such facilities, the facility is capable also of producing other line of products needed for reactor operation like Beryllium reflector, Isotope Stringer, Absorber, Dummy element, Safety and Control rods. The facility has also been producing U3Si2 fuel meat with U-235 density up to 5.20 g/cc.

Pelaksana Verifikasi dan Pelaporan

Preferably male, Degree in Accounting (Fresh Graduate)
Graduates of public universities with accreditation min. B or accredited private university with min. A
Having the ability to operate computers in the worksheet and other reports needed in Ms.excel / Ms.Word / Other Accounting Software
Willing to work overtime if needed
Honest, thorough, disciplined, responsible, able to work hard and can work in teams
Having the ability to work independently
Strong-willed and has a good job motivation
Companies can maintain confidentiality

Applications received later than the date of May 5, 2011 by submitting a complete application letter to:

PT Batan Teknologi (Persero)
Kawasan PUSPIPTEK Gedung 70
Setu, Tangerang Selatan 15314
PO BOX 343 Ciputat 15400

Only qualified applicants will be called