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Pengumuman Seleksi Penerimaan Anggota Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK) Tahun 2013



Sejak Tahun 2014, Ujian CPNS dilaksanakan secara online dengan sistem Computer Assisted Test (CAT).

Apakah Anda sudah mengenal ujian dengan sistem CAT..?

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Lowongan Anggota BPK – Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Republik Indonesia – BPK or the Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia is an independent state institutions in the state system of Indonesia that has the authority and responsibility of examining the management of state finances. BPK has 9 board members, with the composition of 1 chairman and member, 1 vice-chairman and member, as well as 7 board members. Since 2009, the chairman of BPK held by Drs Hadi Poernomo Ak. The Board members of BPK was elected by the House of Representatives (DPR) with respect to consideration of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD), and was inaugurated by the President. BPK headquartered in Jakarta and situated in Jl Gatot Subroto Kav. 31, Central Jakarta 10210. BPK supported by 16 Regional Offices under Auditama V, and 17 Regional Offices under Auditama VI in all over Indonesia.

In line with its vision, to become a credible public finance audit intitution by upholding core values in order to play an active role in encouraging the establishment of transparent and accountable public finance management, BPK are now seeking to recruit the best Indonesian Citized for the following challenging positions as :

Anggota BPK


  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  • Fear and faith in God Almighty
  • Domiciled in Indonesia
  • Good moral integrity and honesty
  • Faithful to the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the Indonesian Constitution
  • Min S1 or equivalent
  • Criminal law has never been sentenced by a court decision that has been reached and binding for a crime that is punishable by 5 years or more
  • Have a good health (Physical and Spiritual)
  • Min age 35 years old
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of leaving office as a public official in the state financial management
  • Not being declared bankrupt by court decisions that have permanent legal force

How to apply


  • Registration closed on 22 April 2013.
  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential and only suitable candidates will be recruited.