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Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The company’s success is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of approximately 62,000 employees who operate across the energy spectrum. Chevron explores for, produces and transports crude oil and natural gas; refines, markets and distributes transportation fuels and other energy products; manufactures and sells petrochemical products; generates power and produces geothermal energy; provides energy efficiency solutions; and develops the energy resources of the future, including biofuels and other renewables. Chevron is based in San Ramon, Calif.

Our business has grown rapidly over the past year and will continue to grow even more through the competitiveness and synergy brought in after the Unocal merger. To serve our business growth needs, we’re seeking talented people from diverse disciplines and with different levels of expertise to join our team.

Chevron’s talented and committed employees are the reason for the company’s outstanding performance. Our business in Indonesia has over 7000 employees, 98 percent of whom are nationals. Their jobs can be categorized into two positions: Engineering and Non Engineering. Depending on the needs year by year, the career opportunities posted may vary.

We offer career opportunities to new graduates and experienced professionals with varied levels of education. Chevron is a world-class oil and gas producer in Indonesia that values integrity, trust, diversity and ingenuity. This reflects in how we recruit only high caliber candidates who share these same company values.

  1. Drilling & Completion Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)
  2. DC Engineer (DC-EXP/KLO-BPN)
  3. Operations Assurance Representative (OPS-EXP/SLO-DRI)
  4. Construction Representative (FE-EXP/SLO-DRI)
  5. Technician Mechanical (OPS-EXP/SLO-DRI)

Drilling & Completion Engineer (DC-EXP/DW-JKT)

Qualification :

  • Minimum S1 Degree (S2/Master Degree will be an advantage)
  • Have relevant experiences or significant involvement in the supervision or planning development of drilling & completion rig operations. Minimum 7 years experience in Offshore drilling and completions operations are required, and deepwater advatageous.
  • Has a broad level of technical and/or operational proficiency demonstrated from experience and work assignments in multiple operational areas. Has a good understanding of and uses knowledge of related disciplines. Must have understnading of well control. Well developed project management skills . Skilled in application of Value Based Well Objectives and life cycle designs.
  • Proceeds on own initiative and judgment. Receives little direct guidance and/or assistance on projects to which assigned including those deemed very difficult and/or complex in nature. Completed work on critical items is reviewed for attainment of objectives.
  • Familiar with procurement process of supplies and services needed to support drilling programs. Must be able to manage drilling and completion related contracts from conception through operations and review with focus on continous improvement.
  • Strongly proactive in most areas of expertise. Active in look backs, lessons learnt, and Best Practice shares. Offers ideas for solutions to more complex problems. Clearly communicates and represents D&C positions to multi-functional teams.
  • Diligently direct and analyze results of job assignments using both internal and external metics, familiar with investigate job effectiveness. Considers the total cost of ownership rather than cheapest price.
  • Demonstrate financial acumen, capital stewardship, differentiate performance, reward, recognize, and uses consequences.
  • Provide work direction and serve as a mentor to less experienced engineers, DSM/WSM’s, and technologists. Capable of providing formal technical engineering in particular area of expertise.
  • Education Requirement : S1
  • Education Discipline : Petroleum Engineer, Mechanical Engineer or Chemical Engineer

DC Engineer (DC-EXP/KLO-BPN)

Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for preparing drilling programs, well designs, directional planning, cost estimates, cost control, performance monitoring, continuous improvement, RUMS and MOC process, and contractor management program among others.
  • Keeping abreast of emerging new Technologies and bringing them forth for incorporation into drilling design and operations is also a key component of this job.
  • Works with shelf asset teams to optimize the drilling design and practices.
  • Works with respective third party service contractors as appropriate to achieve drilling design goals.

Qualification :

  • Minimum 6 years experiences in Drilling Engineering and Completion.
  • Has good understanding of the drilling practices and design such as directional well planning, well control, hydraulics, solids control, and drilling fluids.
  • Capable of developing procedures i.e. directional, primary cementing, casing design, and wellheads.
  • Good communication skills and some experience of completion/workover operations is a must.
  • Capable and have experienced using of Drilling Engineering Aplication Software is a plus.
  • Education Requirement : S1
  • Education Discipline : Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mining Engineering.

Operations Assurance Representative (OPS-EXP/SLO-DRI)

Qualification :

  • Minimal S1 degree (S2/Master degree will be an advantage)
  • Technical Proficiency related to education background and current/previous experiences:
    • 1. Fluent with PFD, P&ID, and process control.
    • 2. Capable in materials and energy balances calculation.
    • 3. Familiar with process equipment design (piping, pump, vessel, tank, heat exchangers, etc.).
    • 4. Experienced and fluent with process simulation and tools (Hysys and Pipephase).
    • 5. Familiar with the engineering design related ASME, API, and ANSI codes and standards.
    • 6. Has experience and understand in project management.
  • Team player and relationship builder for personal results, personal and unit’s benefit
  • Strong communications skills – orally and writing including presentation skills
  • Computer literacy (Office applications)
  • Proactive in taking initiative to prevent and resolve issues
  • Good understanding of health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations
  • At least 5 years experience in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Education Discipline : Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Electrical Engineering

Construction Representative (FE-EXP/SLO-DRI)


  • Coordinate the execution of engineering construction projects, inspections, Oil and Gas Facilities repairs, controlling field work execution, resources (people, equipment, tools and materials), cost and schedule, ensuring safety and quality of work and reporting

Qualification :

  • Experience in oil and Gas Production Operations and surface facilities
  • Have knowledge of process flow diagram, construction practices for oil and gas projects, capable to conduct independent verification with minimal guidance and ensure the compliance to construction procedures and guidelines.
  • Strong communications skill
  • Computer literacy
  • Good understanding of health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations
  • At least 4 years experience in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Education Requirement : D3
  • Education Discipline : Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering

Technician Mechanical (OPS-EXP/SLO-DRI)


  • Minimum 5 years in mechanical technician of oil and gas company
  • Technical Proficiency related to education background and current / previous experiences:
    • 1. Able to comprehend P&ID.
    • 2. Familiar with safe work requirements in facilities related to flammable substance.
    • 3. Familiar with and skillful in required work process, procedures and safety precautions of centrifugal pump and centrifugal pumps maintenance and repair
    • 4. Familiar with parts and components of centrifugal and PD pumps, and skillful in spare part / material planning and management
    • 5. Familiar with ANSI requirements of piping system connected to pumps
  • Team player and relationship builder for personal results, personal and unit’s benefit
  • Have good English and strong communications skills – both written and spoken
  • Computer literacy (Ms-Office applications)
  • Proactive and effective hard-work behavior in taking initiative to prevent and resolve issues
  • Fully commit and comply with health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations
  • Demonstrating integrity, diversity awareness and open-mind behaviors
  • Education Requirement : D3
  • Education Discipline : Mechanical Engineering, Energy Conversion, Metalurgy

These are steps to apply for job vacancies in Chevron :

  1. You can register to get “Chevron Account” in our website by clicking “Register now!”
  2. Only one registration (one account) is permitted.
  3. You will be redirected to to continue with your registration..
  4. Please complete the registration form.
  5. You cannot update your information after click REGISTER.
  6. We will send you email with the activation link
  7. Click the activation link to activate your “Chevron Account”.
  8. Now you can login to website using your personal account and password.
  9. After login, you can complete your curriculum vitae (CV) using step by step resume builder or CV template in menu “Resume”.
  10. Any willful misrepresentation of application data by the applicant will be subject for termination should such misrepresentation is discovered after the applicant is employed.
  11. To apply for job vacancy, please go to menu “Job Vacancies” and choose one (1) open position that you are interested, and then click “Apply for This Job”.
  12. You should complete online resume before clicking the “Apply for This Job” button. Applicant may not update the CV after applying for a position.
  13. You can apply for one (1) position only during the respective year.
  14. If you are successful applying, the system will send you email notification.
  15. Your data will be saved in our database.
  16. You can monitor your application status in menu “Application Status” after you login.
  17. You may apply up to two times. You may apply for the second time only after one (1) year period from the date of your first application being submitted. No need to create new account.
  18. For recent graduate applicant, you may re-apply later once you gain minimum four (4) years of working experience in related field.

Important Notice !

  1. Always cross check any kind information you receive through e-mail, SMS or phone calls with information in your account at
  2. All communication will be from e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Invitation for Aptitude Test will be sent from SMS number: 081389033911, 08118890383. Please do not reply to these numbers as these are SMS generated system.
  4. Applicant who intentionally makes more than one (1) account for the purpose to incorrectly manipulate this recruitment system will be subject to termination once such action is discovered before and or after employment.
  5. Chevron will not charge the applicant with any fees in this recruitment program.

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